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CliqueShow is #exciting #stunning #engaging #touching #powerful #fabulous #superior , simple and fully responsive.

Why use CliqueShow Logo

Display Photos In Real-Time

Promote Hashtags

Collective Engagement

Stimulate More Photographs

Organize Multiple Slideshows

Modernize Events

Utilize Rental Video Screens

Captivate Audiences

What's involved?

1 - Computer Device
EITHER: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone
2 - Standard Web Browser
EITHER: Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox
3 - Internet Connection
EITHER: Wi-Fi, Cable, 3G, LTE or Hotspot Tethering
Big Screen TV
Video Projector and Screen
LED Video Panels

NOTE: It is recommended that you test your computer device with your larger display screen before the event date to ensure that they are compatible with each other.

"It's the best way to encourage people to take pictures from their perspective and allows them to share their experience with others!"

CliqueShow stimulates people to take more photos than they normally would, as the incentive of being on screen extends a satisfying trade-off to them. It promotes photo posting to Instagram and subsequently provides the event host with an aggregate amount of photos from their event.

Previous Hashtags

  • Lino & Josie #palestinawedding
  • Starbucks Canada #starbuckscanada
  • The NAMM Show #namm2015
  • Sochi Olympics #sochi2014

To see a live demo of CliqueShow click on one of the previous hashtag images

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Frequently asked questions

Only the event host can login to the slideshow.
It can then be broadcasted to a large audience through a computer screen, television set or video projector.

There are other options for you to gain internet access.
Most mobile data plans are capable of creating a personal hotspot also known as tethering. If tethering is not available to you, another option would be an LTE mobile hotspot (Netgear, Hauwei, Rocket Stick, Karma, Videotron, ect).

Mobile hotspots are typically offered by the major cellular providers and can also be purchased at major retail stores such as Best Buy, Costco, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Circuit City, Radio Shack...ect

Users do not have to change their privacy settings.
A user can simply send a follow request to CliqueShow on Instagram. CliqueShow will automatically request to follow the user back and await their approval.

Once the follow request is accepted, the user’s photos, with the specific event hashtag, will be added to the slideshow.

Yes, depending on which CliqueShow package you are using.
The CliqueShow Plus package and Professional package include the “Hashtag User Inspection Center”, this feature allows the event administrator to have a granular control on the photos uploaded.

The event administrator will have access to block an individual photograph and also the ability to block an entire user account from contributing to the slideshow. Additionally the event administrator can configure the slideshow to either automatically add all uploaded photos to the slideshow or require all of the uploaded photos to be inspected and approved before they are added to the slideshow.

The slideshow control panel is entirely manageable from a standard web browser. Most of the popular smartphones and tablet devices use either Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Any of these web browsers on a smartphone or tablet device can all be used to control the slideshow.

± 6 Hours of the event date.
CliqueShow will start populating your slideshow 6 hours before the start date and will continue until 6 hours after the event date.

Example: Event Date [ January 5, 2015 ]
Hashtag image population will start on Jan 4th at 6:00PM until Jan 6th 6:00AM

Your account will be credited with an event token.
Each event token can only be used once to create an event. An event token can be purchased at any time and does not have an expiry date. The only requirements needed to create a new event is the event date and designated hashtag name.